Mad, the new Velocifero go to Eicma 2015.

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  • Mad, the new Velocifero go to Eicma 2015.

Mad, the new Velocifero go to Eicma 2015.

UTILITY & FUN = MAD by Velocifero

Creativity and innovation, design and technology, fun and usefulness: MAD is herethe new folding electric bike with fat tyres – the latest creation from Italian designer Alessandro Tartarini. An exceptional cross between a mini-scooter and an electric bike, with very original styling: the bamboo footrest echoes the latest generation of skateboards, the fat tyres give it a sports look, the accessory kit and the range of colours make it a product with a strong personality.

MAD comes with different power options: the basic version has a 500 watt 36 Volt brush motor while the top of the range model features a 1600 watt 48 Volt motor with generous torque and enviable performance, attributes that give it the power to tackle all types of terrain. And that’s not all: autonomy reaches 30-40 km with lead-acid batteries, increasing by +40% for those who choose the version with Lithium batteries. The vehicle is also approved for road use in compliance with EEC European homologation directives.

Freedom of power with maximum stability and handling: with MAD you’ll be free to roam anywhere and express your own style. A variety of accessories have been developed for this “micro scooter”: the knapsack to be attached to the front handlebar, the under-saddle bag and the scooter cover bag. Each of these is available in a variety of colours, that can be matched to the colour range.

Because – the creator himself Alessandro Tartarini tells us – in a market that is extremely competitive and is constantly evolving, we need to create products that are stylish and have a strong personality”. With this philosophy Alessandro has created new market segments to which today leading companies also refer. Creativity and innovation, design and technology: a winning combination that has achieved unexpected results. Here too, with this latest product - MAD - we have given a strong impetus to the electric vehicle market. The Asian market has large volumes, but the products have a low stylistic profile”. Alessandro was born in 1966, into a family that has a long tradition in the motorcycle industry. Leopoldo, the founder of Italjet passed on to his son all his creative talent that made the Italjet brand such a global success. And so after finishing his studies, we find Alessandro engaged until the year 2000 in his father’s business, mainly working on the development of new products. Success was not long to follow because Alessandro’s creativity gave rise to products that became pioneers of new trends - Velocifero, Formula, Dragster, etc. – destined to bring him high level international recognition. Newsweek declared the Velocifero scooter to be the object most desired by Americans, the Formula was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Bilbao, the Japanese magazine Spoon cites Alessandro as one of the 100 best industrial designers in the world...

In 2001 Alessandro started his own design and engineering company ( Since that time he has worked with the major motorcycle manufacturing brands, with just one goal in mind: to make innovative products, in terms of both their design and technology, to make the excellence of made in Italy products known the whole world over.






Velocifero(ベロシフェロ)は、2023年11月7日から13日にかけてイタリア・ミラノで開催されたバイクの見本市「EICMA(エイクマ)」で「RACE-X」を出展します。 bikenews 最長170kmの航続距離を実現 Velocifero(ベロシフェロ)は、2023年11月7日から13日にかけてイタリア・ミラノで開催されたバイクの見本市「EICMA(エイクマ)」で「RACE-X」を出展します。 イタリアのバイクブランド「イタルジェット」の創設者であるLeopoldo Tartarini(レオポルド・タルタリーニ)氏の息子であるAlessandro Tartarini(アレッサンドロ・タルタリーニ)氏が立ち上げたVelociferoは、イタルジェットから独立して生まれ、2015年より活動を開始した電動モビリティブランドです。 昨年にプロトタイプが発表されたRACE-Xは、急速充電と最長170kmの航続距離を特徴とする電動スクランブラーで、4つのライディング・モードを搭載。 バッテリーの容量は6.48kWhで、一般的な110-240ボルトのコンセントから2.5時間でフル充電できます。 また、RACE-Xでは倒立フロントフォークにアルミニウム製スイングアームにシングルショックアブソーバーを搭載。 ホイールサイズは、フロント17インチ、リア15インチという設定になっています。

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