Velocifero Race-X Scrambler Charges Up At EICMA


On paper, the new electric scrambler strikes a balance between practicality and excitement.

Electric motorcycles are taking the two-wheeled space by storm. All across the globe, we’ve been seeing new models all catering to different riding applications. On the one hand, you have the small and compact scooters with commuting and practicality in mind. On the other hand, bikes like the Energica Ego and Zero SR provide impressive performance, and could be the saving grace of the performance-oriented sector.

There are also, however, bikes that sit somewhere in the middle, focusing on both enjoyment and practical mobility – bikes like the Velocifero Race-X electric scrambler. Velocifero is a relatively young brand that’s headquartered in Italy, and its models are designed by well-known designer Alessandro Tartarini. However, it’s important to note that like many other companies, Velocifero outsources its production to China, in an effort to keep its prices competitive. That being said, the Race-X electric scrambler is set to make an appearance at EICMA 2023, showcasing impressive technology and exciting performance. Let’s take a closer look.

Of course, when it comes to electric motorcycles, performance is usually the topic of discussion. Usually, electric motorcycles can get away with lower power outputs thanks to their high mechanical torque and instant response. It appears that this is the case with the Velocifero Race-X, too. It’s powered by an electric motor with 5 kilowatts (about 6.7 horsepower), however, we can expect it to feel much more powerful than a 125cc moped. It’s powered by a 6.48 kilowatt-hour battery pack with a fast charging time of 2.5 hours. Said battery promises range in excess of 100 miles on a single charge.

To complement the respectable performance, Velocifero has integrated multiple riding modes consisting of P, Eco, Sprot, and Sport+, allowing riders to finetune performance for various riding conditions. Electronics aside, we find some pretty basic components consisting of an inverted front fork up front and a single rear shock absorber. It’s yet unknown if the suspension has any sort of adjustability. The Race-X rolls on a 17-inch front wheel mated to a 15-inch rear wheel with a 160/60 tire, so its proportions are very much smaller than that of a standard motorcycle. Indeed, Velocifero says that the bike is suitable for riders as young as 16 years of age.

If you happen to be at EICMA 2023, not only am I very envious of you, but you can also see the new electric motorcycle for yourself, as it’s on display at Hall 9P, Stand M66.