by Massimo Degli Esposti – 8 Agosto 2020
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Velocifero has the wind in its sails. Finally also in Italy the Ecobonus have turbo-charged electric two wheels. And the Bolognese brand founded by Alessandro Tartarini is ready to ride them.

Velocifero’s “Ciao 2.0” at the end of the year

With two different scooter models: Velocifero Mad Air (read) and Velocifero MiniMad Plus. With the revolutionary Beach Mad _ a “space” vehicle that classifies a moped, as per the booklet, seems like a mockery _ just launched and already placed in 18 units (read). Finally, with what Alessandro will unveil by the end of the year: an electric Ciao 2.0 in two versions, moped and pedelec but still with the “aggressive look typical of our style” he anticipates at Vaielettrico.

We meet him at his headquarters in the center of Bologna to talk about scooters. Indeed, to see them, touch them and try them. In short, to check if they are really the only ones designed like a motorcycle, starting from the geometry of the frame. Ancient wisdom accumulated in the historic family business, Italjet.

The answer is yes. But we will see it later, at the end of a day of raids through the bumpy streets of the center of Bologna, the cycle path (or rather, the motorway) that surrounds it and the beautiful tree-lined avenues of the Margherita Gardens. Before giving us the Velocifero MiniMad for testing, however, the designer and entrepreneur gives us some more news. We said about the “Ciao” ​​moped that will arrive at the end of the year. In the video above the words of him. In addition, he gives us an unprecedented technical data sheet of the latest Beach Mad arrival. here she is

Beach Mad, leap into the future at 3,500 euros

Despite the innovative technical and frame solutions and the futuristic design (Tartarini defines it “the first bike I designed just to be electric”) it costs only 3,500 euros. A figure that, discounted from the Ecobonus, can go down to around 2,400 euros: definitely within everyone’s reach. In Europe it is classified as a moped, so the maximum speed does not exceed 45 km / h. But in the rest of the world it will be able to unleash the full potential of its 3 kW engine integrated in the rear wheel, exceeding 70 km / h.

And now let’s ride our Velocifero MiniMad. A scooter that is anything but mini. Meanwhile, it costs a little more than the average: 749 euros. Then the 500 W motor, the 48v 10 Ah lithium batteries with 35 km of autonomy, the reinforced frame, the fat wheel (110 / 50-6.5) the double disc brakes mean a weight of 25 kg. A heavyweight, undoubtedly. The sturdy steering mast, solid and precise in driving, releases and folds. Thus, at least, the MiniMad can fit in the trunk of the car. On the other hand, it is impossible to carry him at home or on the bus under the arm. On the street, however, all that steel travels on the tracks.

The scooter that looks like a motorcycle

There is no disconnection that you unbalance. There is no curve that cannot be tackled “in the fold”. There is no straight line that cannot be tackled at full speed (the 25 km / h required by law) without maintaining full control of the set-up. Which means safety and stability.

It can wheelie. But even no

The power is always felt, in the cue. But in Eco mode the traction subsides and the speed, at full throttle, drops to milder recommendations: 12 km / h. By removing a thread, you can also travel at a walking pace. On the contrary, by setting the sportiest mode, S +, the MiniMad even reaches wheelies. Don’t do it.