Velocifero MAD Air is definitely an unconventional electric scooter. Okay, it’s made in China, like everyone else. However, it was born in Bologna and stems from a long motorcycle tradition. That of the Italjet of the Tartarini family.

That “something extra” of the Velocifero Mad Air scooter is in the frame

This is why Mad Air “has something more: a chassis and frame geometry designed to ensure maximum safety,” explains creator Alessandro Tartarini.

The Tartarini family and a tradition called Italjet

His grandfather Egisto was a Guzzi pilot at the beginning of the century. His father Leopoldo, founder of Italjet, had raced for Ducati and Benelli in the 1950s. And in the third generation, Alessandro, class 66, got off the saddle and dedicated himself to design and engineering. With particular attention to electric traction. His WHITE design & engineering, in fact, has created over the years some icons of the two wheels on tap (for example the Carbon of Moto Parilla and the new Lambretta). But in the end he couldn’t resist the temptation to directly embody his creations.

He did this by founding a company directly in China, where he is now a resident and where, he explains, “the electric two wheels arrived 15 years early, after the first SARS epidemic”.

Velocifero Mad, the evolution of the species

So here he is at the Velocifero MAD brand. In the first version dated 2010 – a hybrid of scooter, scooter and electric motorcycle – more than 150,000 units have already been sold in 40 countries around the world. Also in Italy, where it is marketed by LEM Motor.

Alessandro Tartarini with the first version of his Velocifero MadVelocifero MAD is produced in half a dozen versions (also Cargo and 3-wheeled Truck) but it is basically a vehicle for leisure and free time. A little crazy, as the name suggests.

Velocifero Mad Air was created instead to intercept a different audience: the urban one, not necessarily young, interested in utility journeys in the last mile. In fact, it was conceived when the phenomenon of sharing exploded in Europe as well. The new post-Covid mobility and incentives did the rest.

The “express” electric scooter that arrives in Italy with the post-Covid boom

«The scooter was already ready and production had already started _ Alessandro says _. We thought of launching it only in China, to begin with, but when the Ecobonus arrived, we tightened the time. Do you think we spend a lot to transport it by train, just to have it here in 10-15 days ». Since July Velocifero Mad Air has been on display in the stores of the electronics chain; LEM Motor sells it. and can be found online in e-commerce sites around the world. The price is 449 euros. Tartarini’s goal is to sell 30,000 units in Italy, on a market that should total over 400,000 at the end of the year.

Structural strength and quality are noticed at first glance. The folding magnesium frame and 10-inch wide wheels convey an impression of solidity. Even if the weight is only 13.5 kg. The 350 W motor is integrated into the front wheel and also acts as an electronic brake (at the rear the brake is a disc brake). The 35 V and 10 Ah battery is removable and recharges in 4-6 hours. In the three driving modes, the maximum speed is respectively 20, 22.5 2 25.7 km / h with autonomy ranging between 25 and 19 km. The maximum capacity is 100 kg, the maximum slope that can be overcome is 15%.

Now comes Beach MAD, the electric motorcycle that runs at 60 km / h on the beach

Alessandro presented the latest creation only about ten days ago at the Bangkonk Fair. It’s called Beach Mad. It is a concept and looks more like a small electric motorcycle than a scooter. Due to the Fat wheels, it can run fast (up to 60 km / h) even on sand and rough surfaces. For next year, however, the launch of a retro moped is planned, with an electric motor and pedals, along the lines of old two-stroke acquaintances such as the legendary Piaggio Ciao.